Trunkers Swim Trunks Combine Ultimate Style with a Purpose

Men have a few choices when it comes to summer swimwear, but nothing beats the versatile style and comfort of the swim shorts. Not only do swim shorts bridge the gap between  swimming  and lounging, they also complement a wide variety of body types. Whether you are playing volleyball on the beach or chilling out at the poolside cabana, swim trunks are the perfect summer go to item for men.

Swimwear for men has changed over the years from various full-length bodysuits in the 1920”s to the shorter cuts of the 1960’s. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s when the modern swim shorts hit the scene.  Today, the swim short’s popularity Is heightened by their ability to be worn for almost any summer occasion.  Swim shorts can carry a man through the day and into the evening with their easy, laid back style.

Designers are taking note of the swim short’s staying power in men’s fashion, and are injecting creative new styles into this adaptable item of clothing.  Artistic prints with geometric abstracts, retro patterns and colors, and popular themes are finding their way onto the swim trunk silhouette.  Men have more options than ever before when it comes to finding a fit for their personal style.

Trunkers is a visionary company whose brand of men’s swim shorts sport clever and dynamic patterns.  Impeccably made for men who desire a distinct style and who appreciate original prints, these swim trunks bring coolness to hot summer days.

For the ultimate in Hawaii surfer vibe, Trunkers “Pacifico” swim shorts boast a grass skirt laden beauty in a beach scene.  For the uber hip guy, their “Retro Octopus” trunks fit the bill.  These unique styles are unmatched in originality, comfort, and quality.

The swim trunks of Trunkers give men more than just stylish options for clothing, they offer them an opportunity to give back. For every pair of swim trunks purchased, Trunkers donates a portion of the money to the care and conservation of elephants. While a men’s swimwear company and elephants may seem like a very unlikely pair, they do however both have “trunks”.

In a market saturated with mass production and mediocre design quality, companies such as Trunkers are a breath of fresh air.  Combining their infusion of bright colors and innovative graphics, with their philanthropic principals, Trunkers breathes new life into men’s swim short design.