About Us

So what is Trunkers? The new swim-short brand for enjoying your free time, chillin’ and sunning those legs is Trunkers! You don’t have to live by the ocean to rock a pair of the coolest, most comfortable swim trunks around. They are for all dudes who swim, surf and chill across the world. Trunkers look great with your fave tees, beach towels or flip flops. You’ll definitely be the talk 'round town in our stand out, funky designs. From the one-legged steampunk styled Mr. Pigeon to the retro vibe of Retro Octopus, we have a great variety of Trunkers to wear everywhere.
Now,  the most unique part of joining the Trunkers Nation is giving back to elephants: yes, you read that right, a portion of proceeds goes to helping elephants in need around the world. We think this is absolutely the most unique offering from any swim trunks company ever, so if you buy a pair of Trunkers, you’ll look cool and can brag to all that you help elephants too! Boom! Look cool and give back…it’s a win, win!